Our clients range from  

hip-hop artists to up-and-coming novelists to savvy photographers to idyllic online retailers.

Whether you’re a growing business that needs ongoing general counsel or an individual seeking one-off legal advice to jumpstart your venture, we’re your folks. We offer knowledgeable counsel when it comes to copyright rights, contracts, commissions, distribution deals, and a host of other matters that are not altogether intuitive for left-brain thinkers. We also offer a gamut of regulatory, securities, and transactional services on a first-name, text-if-you-like, no-hiding-behind-secretaries basis.

Building a Business.

Building a business is a big deal. We know the difficulties. We know the costs. We know the laws. 

And we are experts.

It’s a big deal.

Like your venture, Southtown was built from the ground up. Our attorneys know the secrets to success, adding in a dash of that distinct entrepreneurial spirit with a heaping helping of the Silicon Valley startup experience. Whether you’re seeking help starting from scratch or want to get some expert advise moving forward, we’re your people. 

Business Entity Formation

Maintenance and Filings

Capital Investment

Contracts Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

General Counsel

Protecting Your Art.

Your creativity is your most valuable asset.

The key to your success.

Your creativity is your most valuable asset. It’s what makes you stands you apart and is the key to your success. We protect and safeguard creativity, whether it’s determining what assets exist or fighting the battle of trademark infringement. We can offer you expert advice on the best way to protect yourself and protect your business.  

Trademark Registration and Enforcement

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

Logo Clearance

Fair Use

Scaling Your Swagger.

Your business is growing—maybe you’re opening new brick-and-mortars, entering the online stratosphere, creating an app, or looking into licensing and franchising. 

Your business is growing.

There’s a pile of contracts on your desk containing enough industry jargon to make you wonder whether you’re still working with the English language. Whatever’s the dialect, we speak it. SaaS, domain names, internet privacy, IP licensing, website terms and agreements, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the areas we help our clients decode so they can focus on their business. 




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