It’s not really about us. It’s about you.

Isn’t that refreshing?

So what is it about you that’s led you here?

Are you an artist? Designer? Stylist? Creative?

Are you a builder? Grower? Entrepreneur?

Is what you do unique? Individual? Extraordinary?

And do you want growth? Scale? Swagger? 

We’d like to help you Scale Your Swagger®.

What to Expect


Like you, we don’t slack just because we are HQ’d in a small town. We’re in constant education mode, traveling to D.C. and Silicon Valley regularly to stay on top of developments in entrepreneurship and intellectual property law. IP isn’t a side hustle for us, it’s our bread and butter. With decades of high-profile litigation and transaction experience, a thirst for actionable knowledge, and a fire in our bellies to be the best, we’re committed to excellence on your behalf.


We want you to always feel in control, and so we’re committed to billing and business transparency. After all, we’re service providers, not rocket scientists. We’re in the business of you, and whether you know it or not, you’re happiest in life when knowing where you stand with your lawyers.  


We offer BigLaw services with the southern sweetness you’d expect in any southtown. We’re here to appreciate you – your business, your drive, and your moxie to get what you’re after – and what you’re after, and we work efficiently to get you what you need. You can bet your hot biscuit on it!


We’re more than just a law firm, we’re a B Corp. You can read more about what that means on our Impact page, but essentially our business model is People + Planet + Profit. We GIVE10, meaning that 10% of our money and 10% of our time go to environmental and social impact organizations. All in all, we’re the type of law firm you can bring home to mom. 


We know scary lawyers. Loud-mouth Suits who care more about billing bonuses than your personal business goals. We’re not them—we’re a highly effective + humble attitude kind of shop.  





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Brand focused law for
the New South. 



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